September 13, 2018

Outlook Plugin for VTiger is now available in Microsoft Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Outlook Plugin for VTiger is now available in official Microsoft Marketplace! The plugin can be installed with few clicks and appears on your Outlook/Office 365 immediately! It will also automatically be available for everyone in your organization.   Here’s the direct link:   As part of the release, we made some significant improvements: Plugin is now compatible with Outlook for MAC Seamless integration with office 365 interface Reduced latency (less than 1-2 seconds to […]
February 26, 2018

Corrensa Lite – Outlook/Gmail Plugin for VTiger is Now Available

As most of the VTiger users know already that Corrensa is a plugin for Gmail, Outlook, and Office365 that connects open source/community edition version of VTiger with the formerly said platforms. The plugin connection lets you create, edit, and view CRM records from pretty much all the modules, as well as attach emails and files to records with 1-click linking or advanced attachments. That means either you’re using either Gmail, Outlook, or Office365 as your email solutions, Corrensa is the ideal tool to keep you connected […]
January 28, 2018

How To Install Free Gmail Extension for VTiger

Corrensa is a plugin connecting VTiger CRM to your Gmail. The extension comes in the from of a toolbar/widget on the email interface and displays the information from VTiger with ability to view, edit & create records. The installation process is very simple!   Install Extension/Adapter for VTiger If you are just starting with Corrensa  – go to our “Get Started” page to download and install adapter/extension on VTiger. This has to be done by VTiger administrator. If you’ve already done this – […]
April 22, 2017

New Pricing for VTiger – Outlook & Gmail Plugin – [Effective May 15th]

We have spent thousands of hours developing and improving Corrensa plugin and hope that everyone who used it – found it helpful. We’ve reached a very important milestone where the plugin has been free for over 2 years and we’ve have over 2000 successful installs. Corrensa is at the point where it’s 99% bug free and we feel comfortable that the plugin is ready for the next step. Starting May 15th, 2017 Corrensa will no longer be a free VTiger plugin. We […]
March 15, 2017

Advanced Email Linking

We are thrilled to release one of the most requested features in the last 12 months – advanced email linking. This feature allows Outlook/Gmail users to not only attach emails to leads/contacts, but also to tickets, opportunities, vendors & organizations. In addition, you can attach the email to multiple contacts, leads, tickets, etc.. meaning that you will be able to initiate search from your email inbox and pick which records to link the email to. Furthermore, you can now upload email […]