We have spent thousands of hours developing and improving Corrensa plugin and hope that everyone who used it – found it helpful. We’ve reached a very important milestone where the plugin has been free for over 2 years and we’ve have over 2000 successful installs. Corrensa is at the point where it’s 99% bug free and we feel comfortable that the plugin is ready for the next step.

Starting May 15th, 2017 Corrensa will no longer be a free VTiger plugin. We are introducing pricing, which is $9 per user/month. If you are an active Corrensa user – you will see a slight change in the interface with a alert for “Trial – 14 days left”, meaning that we are going to start off everyone with the 14 day trial starting May 1st.

Here’s how to sign up: https://www.corrensa.com/how-to-sign-up-with-corrensa/

For any questions – please email us at [email protected]


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