Install Extension for VTiger

First step in getting Corrensa setup is to download and install Corrensa Adapter/Extension for VTiger. The extension is used as a bridge to connect Outlook/Gmail plugin and VTiger database. To Install, login to VTiger, go to:

VTiger 7.x: Menu > Settings > CRM Settings > Module Management > Modules > Import Module from Zip

VTiger 6.x: Gear Icon > CRM Settings > Studio > Module Manager > Import from Zip

Download Extension for VTiger

Create Corrensa Account

Once the adapter/extension has been installed - you will be required to create Corrensa account. The account is needed to connect VTiger and Outlook/Gmail plugin as well as allow you to customize the fields & layouts on the toolbar. You will also be able to manage users and get access to the documentation.

You need to log into extension before you can use the Outlook/Gmail plugin. During first login - your account will be pre-configured for first use.

14 Day free trial will start automatically - you will not be required to enter payment details at this moment.


Customize Plugin (Optional)

At the time you log into the adapter/extension - it will pre-configure Outlook/Gmail plugin to use standard VTiger fields and include mandatory fields, meaning that you will not need to do any configuration to start using Corrensa, however if you wish - you can do that in "Plugin Configuration" tab.

In addition, all VTiger users will be automatically enabled to use Corrensa. You will be able to change that in "User Management".

Download & Install Plugin

Last step is to download the plugin which will directly integrate with Outlook, Gmail or Office 365 Email. Outlook users - will have to install an Outlook add-on, while Gmail & Office 365 users will require a Google Chrome browser and the extension that displays the Corrensa toolbar in the email.

Download Outlook Plugin (32bit) Download Outlook Plugin (64bit) Download Gmail/Office 365 Extension
Detailed instructions for Outlook are available here and for Gmail/Office 365 here.

You can now log into the Corrensa toolbar using VTiger username & password.

Can't get it to work? Check out our documentation!

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