1What is Corrensa?
Corrensa is one of the kind extension/plugin connecting VTiger to Gmail & Outlook. It enables VTiger users to view, edit & create records directly in Gmail & Outlook.

Corrensa integrates as a sidebar to the email client and currently supports viewing, editing & creating Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Tickets, Opportunities, Activities, Emails, Invoices, Quotes, Sales Orders & Comments, Documents.
2How much is Corrensa?
Corrensa is $9 per user/month. There are no long term contracts and you pay as you go. You can try it free for 14 days - once you sign up, free trial will kick in and you will not be required for payment.
3Supported VTiger Versions
Corrensa is currently supported in vTiger 6.x & 7.0 versions. This ONLY applies to vTiger Open Source(Community Edition).

The On-Demand(hosted by version is not supported.
4Installation & Requirements
Corrensa for Gmail & Office 365 (OWA) integrates via Google Chrome and requires installing extension on your browser (Google Chrome Extension).

Corrensa for Outlook is a plugin installed on users' computer as outlook addin.

A custom extension needs to be installed on VTiger as well.
5Data Privacy & Synchronization
During the installation your basic VTiger information will be synched with Corrensa configuration panel.

In order to properly configure Corrensa, we will synchronize the following information for configuration purposes.

  • User Information(Name, Email)
  • Currency Settings
  • User Permissions
  • Field Names and Labels
  • Date Format

The purpose of the sync is to allow YOU to completely configure the plugin by adding/removing fields/blocks, creating unique layouts & more.

We DO NOT store or synch any of your VTiger data(contacts, leads, financials, etc..).


1How To Install Corrensa?
Corrensa for Gmail & Office 365 comes as a Google Chrome Extension.
Gmail Instructions:
Office 365 Instructions:

Outlook plugin is an add-on installed on users' computer.
Outlook Instructions:
2Will VTiger workflows execute if I update/create a record in the extension?
Yes – to update and save we use vTiger webservices which means that when you save/update a record, it will execute standard vtiger process as you would save the record in vTiger itself.
3Can I move Mandatory fields to another block?
Yes, mandatory fields can be moved to any other block within the extension. Mandatory fields were added to a “Mandatory” block because they were not standard vtiger fields.
Only during the initial sync the fields are placed in the "Mandatory" blocks and then they can be moved to any other block.

Please refer to the documentation on how to configure those fields.
4What about permissions? do they transfer from vtiger?
We use webservices to view, create & update the data. The permissions are applied from within the profiles, groups, roles you configured in vTiger.
5Does it synchronize my Google Contacts & Calendar?
Currently it does not synchronize your contacts or calendar activities from your gmail contact list or calendar. You can enable the synchronization within vtiger, it’s part of the vtiger core functionality.


1How do I allow users to access it?
By default all the users all enabled to access Corrensa toolbar. You can control(activate/deactivate) the users who will be able to log into the app. As you activate them – the email will be sent with instructions.

More Information:
2How do I add more fields to each module on the view?
The instructions are provided in the configuration panel once you log in. Each module has it’s own settings area.

More Information:
3Can I install the extension on more than one PC?
Yes - there are no limitation on how many devices the extension can be installed.


1ERROR: ?????? Field is blank
If you get “ERROR: some_field_name does not have a value”, there are 2 possible issues:

One of the mandatory fields is not set.
One of the mandatory fields are not set AND is not available in the extension.

If that’s the case, you will then need to go back to the Configuration Panel and add that field to the module.


2Some of the custom fields are not available in the Configuration Panel?
It is likely that you added the fields after the first sync. Every time you add new fields in vTiger – you will have to the Corrensa and click “Update to Corrensa”.

More Information:

Need help? Contact us at [email protected]
3Authentication Failed
There are quite a few things causing such error. Please refer to the article below for the description and resolution.

More Information:

4ERROR: “The Session cannot be generated. Please click here for more details”
If, while trying to login to Corrensa the error “Can’t Generate Session” is displayed – it means that for whatever reason Google Chrome is not properly generating the session. This is out of our control and the solution is:

  • Clear your browser cache. Quickest way to get to it is (CTRL + SHIFT + DEL)
  • Close all of your Chrome browser windows. The browser needs to be completely restarted, by closing ALL chrome tabs/windows.

In case #1 and #2 doesn’t do the trick – restart your computer.

If you are still not able to login – please contact us at [email protected]
5Universal fix for most of the issues
If you are experiencing issues, first thing you should do is to clear your browsers cache.