Corrensa is a plugin connecting VTiger CRM to your Gmail. The extension comes in the from of a toolbar/widget on the email interface and displays the information from VTiger with ability to view, edit & create records.

The installation process is very simple!


Sign up/Install Extension/Adapter for VTiger

If you received an email with  instructions on how to install Gmail Extension for VTiger, it’s likely that your system/VTiger Administrator has already installed Corrensa Adapter/Extension on VTiger and you no longer need to do this. In this case, skip this step.

If you are just starting with Corrensa  – go to our “Get Started” page to download and install adapter/extension on VTiger.


Install Chrome Extension

Corrensa is only compatible with Google Chrome browser. It will not work on Firefox, IE or Safari.

  • Click on the link below, which will take you to Google Chrome Store.\

  • Click +  ADD TO CHROME to install the extension.



  • Once the extension has been added, refresh your Gmail and you will see Corrensa toolbar on the right. Expand it by clicking on the icon and input your VTiger URL/Link, Username & Password and start using it!



That’s it! If you have any questions or issues getting it installed – please contact us!

Make sure to check out this this 3 minute video on how to use Corrensa!

YouTube video:


Additional Information for Administrators

Corrensa is completely customizable – meaning that you can:

  • Add/Remove Custom Fields
  • Rename Fields & Blocks
  • Adjust the Layout/Field Order on the Toolbar
  • Configure Search Fields
  • Activate/Deactivate Users

You can find the documentation here:

There’s also a tutorial video on how to Customize & Configure Corrensa:



  1. Nacho López says:

    Good morning, I ‘m testing integration into gmail . I have a problem when I create a new contact and want to associate with a company , the search engine company collapses.

    Thank you for your help

  2. estevan says:

    HI all I’m trying using compont

    In several modules I get this message Please select the object to work

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