Managing Opportunities via Email

Managing your customer business opportunities well means you’ll increase your revenue and bring in new customers. Manage them poorly and you may find yourself looking at a bottom line that isn’t encouraging at all. But without the right tools, it can be very difficult to keep your opportunities organized and know where you stand on each one.

That’s why almost all business owners have some form of customer relationship management software. CRM programs such as vTiger are invaluable because of all the time and effort they save. Everything can be organized, sorted, searched, and updated with very little work. However, given that you spend most of your day in the email – it is likely a daunting task to log into vtiger and check on the opportunities, send the follow ups, etc..  which is why VTExperts takes it one step further and integrated all of vTiger’s services into Gmail with Corrensa – vTiger & Gmail Integration.

Using vTiger and Gmail Together

By using this extension, you’ll gain all of the power of vTiger but will be able to use the familiar, easy to use interface that Gmail provides. All you have to do is install the vTiger extensions in your web browser(chrome). Then when you log into your Gmail account, you’ll see that you have extra menus, buttons, and information displayed. These features are very easy to use—everything looks and feels like Gmail, so there’s no learning curve.

Stay on Top

Now when you see a new business opportunity appear in your email, you can save it directly into vTiger as a new Opportunity record. This record can then be updated as you go, saving emails to it, managing tickets, leadsadding calendar appointments and much more. It makes everything much easier because you have all of the information you need in one place. You don’t have to switch back and forth between vTiger and your email to contact anyone, plus you can easily save emails, create follow-up messages, use vTiger templates, and more. You lose nothing by using Gmail to manage your opportunities.

Keep Everything Synced

Keeping all of your information synced is one of the biggest reasons to use vTiger for Gmail. A lot of people use their email to keep track of where things stand with customers, leads, and opportunities. But if others need this information, they may not be able to get it unless you’re there. By syncing everything with vTiger, it’s easy for others to get this information if they have access to the CRM. You can save your emails, meetings, notes, and everything else to the vTiger record. You can even access this information when you’re away from your computer as long as you have a web browser with the vTiger extension and an internet connection.

If you’ve found customer relationship management difficult, try running everything through your Gmail with vTiger. You may find that integrating CRM into something you’re already familiar with is all that it takes. The easy to use interface, intuitive layout, portability, and many different functions all add to vTiger’s usability.

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