Manage vTiger Leads Efficiently

Managing your potential customer leads is vital if you want to grow your business. When trying to generate more leads, you’re going to find that only about a fourth of them are actually ready to purchase something. Another fourth may not be serious or may not meet your qualifications. Managing these leads takes careful work… which leads us to a problem where we spend too much time working on the leads that might not be good potential customers. This is where vTiger & Gmail Extension comes in – it allows you to view the complete lead information, FROM THE EMAIL, without actually clicking anything.

View, Update & Create

vTiger & Gmail Extension was designed to mostly increase the productivity and efficiency. One of the most common feature used is the ability to create a lead from the received email. The way it works is – you open the email sent by the lead(in your gmail), Corrensa will then check for possible matches in vTiger – if no matches are found, it will present an option to create a lead and fill in all the information(email, name, phone) and create a record in vtiger – all of that while you are still in your gmail.

Information is a Second Away

One of the best features of the vTiger Gmail Extension is that every time you open an email, you’ll also see a quick refresher on your interactions with the person who sent it. This tells you things like their contact information, the number of emails you are tracking, what interactions you’ve had, and more. There’s no need to look up any other records.

Completely Customizable

As all our vTiger ExtensionsCorresna – is no exception. We designed it to be as flexible as possible to allow users configure the fields as as well as the related records they need to see. In addition, every field labels can be changed to make the window more compact for business who rely on a very detailed information. We took a step forward and included ability to remove the field label and instead assign an icon for even more convenient view of the lead.


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