Using Gmail to Manage vTiger Contacts

Many people have email contacts through their Gmail account, but these contacts are usually separated from their vTiger CRM customer contact information.  This means that while you may have the most up-to-date contact information in your Gmail account, you don’t have that information in your CRM.  If others access the CRM, they will only see the outdated information. This will likely lead to calls made to disconnected numbers, emails sent to incorrect email addresses and all of those things will just prevent you and your time running your business smoothly.

Ease of Use

VTExperts is committed to provide solutions such as Corrensa – vTiger & Gmail Integration to eliminate things like that and boost the efficiency. If you use vTiger for your CRM, and the chance is you are –  you’ll be able to install and take advantage of our vTiger Gmail extension.  This integrates Gmail and vTiger, allowing you to quickly view contact/organization information as well as update it.

Awesome Features

One of the most common used features in Corrensa is ability to create new records on the fly. As you open the email message from the potential lead – you will be presented to create new record from within the email screen as well as the search will be initiated throughout vTiger database to see if the record already exists. Such a feature will make your day more efficient and keep the database clean.

Tickets, Opportunities & Activities

As viewing the contact information would not be enough – we also added ability to view organizations & contacts ticket history as well as all the open, closed and in progress tickets. You will also be able to create & update the tickets. In addition, Opportunities are also available to be updated & created.

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