On August 30th, 2016 we released a new version of Corrensa which requires an adapter/extension to be installed on your VTiger. The extension must be installed, otherwise you will not be able to log into the Corrensa toolbar.

The error message will say “Authentication Failed: URL is unavailable“. For more details and instructions on how to install VTiger adapter/extension please click the link below.

Instructions: https://www.corrensa.com/upgrading-to-corrensa-3-0/


If you are reading this article that it is very likely that you are having issues logging into Corrensa plugin on Outlook/Gmail or Office 365.

Authentication Failed: URL is unavailable

There are few things that would be causing this:

  1. You did not install Corrensa extension onto your VTiger. Please check here for instructions & more information
  2. You copied wrong or misspelled your VTiger URL. Please make sure the correct URL is entered.
  3. You disconnected VTiger & Corrensa. Please check here for instructions & more information


Authentication Failed: Invalid VTiger Username or Password.

The error is self explanatory, please make sure that your VTiger username & password is correct.


Authentication Failed: User is not found

This message indicates that the user you are trying to login does not exist in Corrensa database. Most likely you created the user after you installed Corrensa extension(in VTiger). Please check here for instructions on how to sync VTiger user database with Corrensa


Authentication Failed: User is not activated

This message indicates that the user has not been authorized to login to Corrensa. Please click here for more information on user management.


Additional Support

If you are still not able to login to Corrensa – please shoot us an email at [email protected] and will take a look at it.

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