We are excited to announce the release of the new and improved Corrensa – VTiger Extension for Outlook, Gmail & Office 365. The latest update includes minor bug fixes as well as a lot of new features such as email linking from Outlook to VTiger!

Stable version of Outlook Plugin Installation package with ability to link Emails is now available and can be downloaded form here.

We removed the need to use Corrensa access key to login to the toolbar and now you will have to use VTiger URL, Username & Password. *Applies to existing & new accounts.

We also redesigned signup form which eliminates the need to have to login to Corrensa Dashboard, but instead with the updated form – you will be able to go through the entire registration process. In the past, you needed to go through the multi step process to connect your VTiger to Corrensa, however we now have a one form to do it all! *Applies to new signups.


In addition we created detailed instructions for both users and admins on how to quickly install the plugin/extension.

Outlook: https://www.corrensa.com/how-to-install-outlook-plugin-for-vtiger/

Gmail: https://www.corrensa.com/how-to-install-gmail-extension-for-vtiger/

Office 365: https://www.corrensa.com/how-to-install-office-365-plugin-for-vtiger/


Here’s the breakdown of new features added:

  • Stable installation/setup package for Outlook.
  • Login with VTiger username, password & link instead of accesskey.
  • Ability to link emails from Outlook to VTiger
  • Ability to see linked emails in Corrensa toolbar
  • Ability to view Invoices, Quotes & Sales Orders and open them in VTiger
  • Ability to add & see Comments for Leads & Contacts
  • Ability to save & remember url, username, password in Outlook
  • Initiate contact/lead lookup only when the toolbar is expanded
  • Redesigned signup from which also includes the setup
  • Password reset function (bug)
  • Opening VTiger record from the extension would open 2 links(email + record) (bug)
  • Activity linkage to Leads (bug)
  • Group Lookups (bug)
  • Removed End Time for Todos (bug)
  • Apostrophe in search (bug)


We will continue to improve and develop the extension to meet the demand and the features!

In case you have any questions or trouble setting it up – shoot as an email at [email protected]




  1. Massimo says:

    Hi. I’m using your plug in with outlook 2016 32 bit version and vtiger 6.4.0.
    When I try to sign in I get this error “Url is unavailable”.
    The site works only inside my network (isn’t a public site).
    If I sign in to vtiger from a browser everything works fine.

  2. Simon says:


    I am also getting the same “Url is unavailable” error message.

    We have installed Vitger on-premises version so I assume we have an internal ip.

    is there a way we can overcome this while keeping the on-premises version?

    We have a good IT administrator, who is currently not here, but with your help maybe we can work it out.


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