Corrensa is Now Available!

We are happy to release our latest vTiger product – “Corrensa“. Corrensa is a complete vTiger integration with gmail, it is by far, the best extension to increase productivity & efficiency while still being able to use vTiger CRM to it’s full potential.

Ease of Use

Corrensa makes it incredibly easy to manage your customer records and interactions since everything is right there in your Gmail. There’s no need to learn a new program or feel like you’re trapped using an interface you don’t like or understand.  Instead, it’s all done through the familiar Gmail screen.  You’ll see your emails as usual, but you’ll find an extension which will allow you to edit your customer information, track interactions, create tickets & opportunities, save emails to customer records, and much more.

It’s Efficient

Doing everything out of one program is also much more efficient than switching back and forth between multiple pieces of software all day.  It’s fairly likely that you have your Gmail open all day so you can see new emails as they come in, which will allow you to immediately see record and all of the relevant information, or save the entire email conversation to that customer’s record, update outdated details as well as create tickets & opportunities.

It’s Fast

Corrensa is as fast as your vTiger is. You will be able to initiate the search from your email and open the records in vTiger. In addition, every time you open the email – the extension will query vtiger’s database to see for matching leads or contacts – in case where it find’s a matching record – it will pull up the information automatically, however if the match is not found – you will be able to create lead or a contact from the same email window.

It’s Customizable

If you’ve ever used one of our (VTExperts) vTiger extensions – you probably know how configurable our products are. We don’t just build a product to be used in a certain way – we build it so it can be configured and customized for any possible purpose. Corrensa’s development was lengthy process compared to other products, however we invested the time to make completely customizable, where you will be able to configure individual fields for each module, icons, blocks, search fields & more.

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