We understand that ability to accurately & efficiently find VTiger records is crucial for every CRM user. Having such ability, not only saves you time, but also prevents potential duplicates from being entered which would potentially lead to double work & productivity loss. In addition, being able to initiate the search from Gmail, Outlook & Office 365 save you even more time.

Corrensa has a well built search feature, which is, in fact, more powerful than VTiger standard search. The features that make Corrensa search in  unique are:

  1. Supports the following VTiger modules: Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Activities, Opportunities, Emails
  2. Searches up 3 fields, compared to VTiger standard search
  3. Search fields can be configured in the Corrensa Dashboard. (Click here for more information)
  4. Search returns the fields configured in #3
  5. Ability to click on the record and open it in VTiger or Corrensa extension.
  6. Search can be initiated from Gmail, Outlook & Office 365

The extension is being actively developed and we intend to make it even more powerful by removing the field limit, ability to set the limit of how many search records should be displayed.

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