VTiger Outlook Plugin gets disabled in COM Add-ins


If you are an Outlook user – you might have ran into an issue where your Corrensa plugin is disappearing and gets disabled by Outlook. It’s a common issue related to addons which connect to an external database, in this case your vtigercrm, and can take more than few seconds to login/query the database and parse the response.

We believe we have found the problem and fixed it on 03/31/2017. If you haven’t enabled the addon yet – please follow the instructions below and it should start working properly again. Once the addon is enabled – you don’t need to apply any updates –  we have applied necessary updates on the corrensa server side.

For any questions or if you experience the same issue again – please contact us.

Here are the steps to enable a disabled plugin on Outlook 2013/2016:


1) Clear your Outlook Cache

On your computer, navigate to folder:


*YOUR_USERNAME is your windows login/username.

*Note, “AppData” is hidden folder in most systems, so in order to access it – you will need to click at the address bar above and start typing e.g \App….

4-3-2017 11-15-23 AM


Once are navigate to cache folder – you will then need to delete all the cache files.

4-3-2017 11-11-53 AM



2) Click on File > Info > and select “Slow and Disabled add-ins”



3) Enable Corrensa for Outlook




Here are the steps to enable a disabled plugin on Outlook 2010:

 1. Click on the “File” tab in your navigation



 2. And then Click Add-ins (Or Options > Add-ins)



 3. Try scrolling down in your add-ins list and see if Corrensa Outlook might appear in any of the inactive or disabled lists.



 4. If Corrensa is in “Inactive Application Add-ins” – select “COM Add-ins” from the dropdown and click GO.

Check to enable and hit OK.



 5. If Corrensa is in “Disabled Application Add-ins” – select “Disabled Items” from the dropdown and click GO.

Select CorrensaOutlook Addin and click to Enable.



If you followed the steps correctly – Corrensa VTiger addon should appear in your outlook.




  1. Emeric says:


    Corrensa plugin don’t work anymore, even after tried enable it with your instructions.
    Message is (I translate it in english, because my Office is in french) : no charged, execution error…
    I tried unsinstall it and install it but no change.

    Thank you for your help

    • Corrensa says:

      Emeric – we just updated the documentation on this article, please see #1 “Clear Outlook Cache”