In order to connect VTiger to Corrensa – your server must have internet connection and allow incoming/outgoing traffic from/to Corrensa servers as well as have external IP/domain address that can be used to reach VTiger.  Both requirements are detailed below, however if you run into any issues or have questions – please shoot us an email and we’ll assist.


VTiger URL has to be an outside IP/Domain address

You have to make sure that your VTiger URL is an outside IP address or a valid domain/subdomain. If your VTiger is setup on your local network and is being accessed from URL such as:

  • http://localhost/vtigercrm/ or http://192.168.x.x/
  • or if you have a custom DNS/hosts entry like http://vtigercrm/or http://local.vtigercrm/

That means – your VTiger is most likely not accessible from the outside and it will not be able to communicate with Corrensa servers. In order to use Corrensa – you will need to make few changes.

The goal is to allow Corrensa servers to connect to your VTiger server, to do so, you will need to configure your router/firewall so VTiger has an external IP/domain, so instead of accessing VTiger via “http://192.168.x.x/ – you would access it via “″(example of external IP) or “”(example of domain).

Such configuration is usually done by person who initially setup VTiger or IT department.

Once the router/firewall is configured – you will need to make a minor change in VTiger configuration file which is in


and change $site_URL to your new VTiger address

$site_URL = "";

Once the change is made – you will not longer be able to access VTiger using your old URL(you will get “Invalid Request” error) and will need to use the new URL set in $site_URL.


Configure Firewall to allow Incoming Traffic from Corrensa Servers

If VTiger already has an outside IP/domain, however is behind firewall and does not allow any incoming connections from the outside world – you will need to, at least, allow incoming traffic/connections from Corrensa servers.

Corrensa Servers will be accessing your VTiger using standard http(80) or https(443) port(depending if your VTiger is using SSL or not). Essentially, Corrensa will be connecting to your VTiger URL.

Corrensa Server IP is and should be whitelist/added to your firewall/router.

Once you allow outgoing and incoming traffic from/to this IP address – you should be able to connect VTiger to Corrensa.

If you run into any issues or have questions regarding this – feel free to email us.

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