Boost Your Email Productivity

It’s time to optimize the way you work in your email so you can focus less on busy work and more on selling.

Contacts/Leads & Organizations

Intuitive summary view displays key record information as well as related tickets & opportunities with ability to click in and edit/view.


The most important record information summarized in an easy to read view. Related records such as Tickets, Opportunities are displayed.

Tip: You can configure what fields are displayed, including custom fields & icons. (Configured in admin area).


View & Add Comments to Leads and Contacts without ever leaving your Outlook/Gmail.

Create & Edit

Edit existing and create new VTiger leads & contacts with a single click.

Hint: Person information such as name, email, phone is automatically pre-filled from email header/signature.

Field Changes

See field change history on the spot - identical to what you would see in VTiger.


Intuitive Search allows you to lookup any VTiger record from your email inbox.

Tip: Search fields can be configured in admin configuration area.


Attach email messages to any VTiger record + upload attachments & post comments.
Advanced Email Linking

Attach emails to leads, contacts, vendor, organizations as well as related records such as tickets and opportunities.

In addition to the email - post comments & attach documents with few extra clicks.

Email History

All email communication captured is available at your finger tips.

Emails attached via plugin or sent/received in VTiger will also show up..


Schedule VTiger events & todos right from your email.

Calendar Events & Todo's

Quickly view all the scheduled events & tasks from VTiger. Click to open each activity or use buttons to create new Events & Todos.

Create Activities

Create calendar events and tasks within one click. The activity will immediately show up in VTiger & Corrensa addon.

Tip: You can configure what fields show up, including custom fields and really boost productivity while adding records.

Activity Details

View full details of the event or a task in a glance. Use shortcut (VTiger icon) to open the activity directly in VTiger or edit it on the fly.


View, edit & create VTiger opportunities from your email inbox. Link emails, attach documents and post comments.

Opportunity List

Quickly view all the potential opportunities associated with a contact. Click to open each opportunity or use buttons to create new Opportunity.

Tip: You can configure what fields are displayed, including custom fields (Configured in admin area).

Opportunity Details

Opportunity record details at a glance. View any comments with ability to expand and add more. Use shortcut (VTiger icon) to open the opportunity directly in VTiger or edit on the spot.

Opportunity Comments

Expand comments section to view who and when commented on the opportunity and post new comments within a single click.